New trends in international publications in the field of economics and social science

作者: 时间:2016-12-19

学术报告:New trends in international publications   in the field of economics and social science.

报告人:Professor Sarath Delpachitra

时间:1221 1330



Professor   Sarath Delpachitra currently serves as the Director of the UTS Campus of the   UTS Business School (SHU-UTS SILC Business School) and has previously served   as the Deputy Dean of the Flinders Business School. He specialises in   banking, economics and finance issues in Australasian region and has served   World Bank, Asian Development Bank, ILO and DEFAT as an International consultant.   He has published extensively in refereed journals and professional   publications and he was the recipient of Australian Government (Australia   Future Unlimited) by granting me the Australian Alumni Excellence For Research   & Innovation Award in 2013. He has also served as a senior executive in   the General Treasury in Sri Lanka.

He has   interacted with policy-makers as a resource person in several Asian countries   such as India, Vietnam, People’s Republic of China, Singapore, Malaysia and   Sri Lanka. He is currently serving as the Managing Editor of the Australian   Economic Papers; an internationally ranked journal in the field of economic   and finance. He teaches applied finance and economics and economic reasoning   for public policy. His professional memberships include, Fellow (Finance and   Securities Institute of Australia –FinSia, Fellow – CPA (Australia), and a   member of the Association of Financial Advisors of Australia.


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